We need urgent clarification what action is being taking to protect workers in Parliament following Corona diagnosis

11 March 2020

A government minister and a member of her staff have tested positive for corona virus. They are reported to be self-isolating but it is not yet clear what further measures the Houses of Parliament will take to protect their staff and limit the potential spread of the virus.

Garry Graham, Prospect deputy general secretary, said:

“As the union for House staff we are seeking urgent clarification from the Leader of the House what action he is taking to protect workers following news that a minister and a member of her team have contracted Corona virus.

“While we understand the reluctance to shut the House at this stage, we think measures short of a full closure may be appropriate at this time. In particular we ask that the option of closing the Houses of Parliament to visitors be considered.

“Dedicated House staff will do all they can to ensure the machinery of democracy continues to function but they need to hear that reasonable steps are being taken to protect their well-being.”