Welsh Government agrees to Prospect calls for additional funding for Welsh cultural institutions

3 February 2021

The Welsh Government has today announced a £6.2m support package to safeguard jobs at the National Library of Wales and National Museum of Wales.

This follows a strong campaign by Prospect and other unions to ensure that Welsh Heritage didn’t pay the price for the Covid pandemic.

Around 30 jobs were thought to be at risk at the National Library with more potentially at risk at the Museum due to prolonged underfunding exacerbated by the COVID crisis.

Daniel Maney, Prospect Negotiator, said:

“This is welcome news for Prospect members at the National Library and National Museum who had seen their jobs at threat due to funding issues.

“The package announced by the Welsh Government is a victory for unions and clearly demonstrates the advantages of the employers, the Welsh Government and the Unions working together in Social Partnership.

“This represents a fresh start for culture in Wales and hopefully demonstrates a renewed commitment to preserving our important heritage.”


From national museums to archaeological trusts, Prospect members are at the heart of our heritage sector.