Winter economic plan will leave millions of workers out in the cold

24 September 2020

Prospect has responded to the Chancellor’s Winter Economic Update announced today.

Mike Clancy, Prospect General Secretary, said:

“The Chancellor promised creative thinking from the Treasury in advance of his statement, but it was not in evidence in this plan.

“The new Job Support Scheme is better than nothing, but it will do little for sectors that will still be effectively closed by government restrictions who will not be able to bring workers back for the minimum number of hours.

“And while millions of self-employed workers were desperate for more support from the Chancellor they have been overlooked and left out once again, with a bleak winter in prospect for thousands of families.

“The Chancellor must revisit this plan and find a way to target support at areas of the economy where there is really acute need- otherwise we risk doing permanent damage to the foundations of our economy.”