Young Workers Month and why it’s important

Jasmin Beckett · 7 November 2019

Young Workers Month and why it’s important

November marks Young Workers Month and this year we are celebrating with a range of exciting events and offers for young members of Prospect.

Young Workers Month is held every year to promote the importance of trade unions in modern life and to focus on the issues young people face in the workplace. This year TUC Young Workers are focusing on the theme of Mental Health. Read about TUC’s attempt to tackle mental health at work.

Mental health is becoming more prominent in the workplace with employers being held to account on inflexible workplaces, heavy workloads and low pay but there is still much more to do. Trade unions have been working to hold employers to account to improve conditions and reduce stress.

At Prospect we are celebrating young workers with a variety of events up and down the country with special offers for those joining during the month. If you hold an event in your workplace all those who join on the day (who are 35 and under) will get 3 months free membership.

Getting young workers joining trade unions is vital for the future of the movement, if young people don’t continue to see the relevance of trade unions it will significantly weaken workers rights for all. Holding an event in your workplace can be a great way to speak to members and ensure everyone is aware of the benefits trade union membership brings.

Joining Prospect ensures you are protected at work with representation and free legal advice as well as benefits such as negotiation of your pay and terms and conditions.

For current members who recruit members you will also get £10 per member you recruit. If you want to hold an event get in touch with us:

Jasmin Beckett is the Young Professionals Network chair at Prospect Union.