Public Servants: Serving Our Society

Doing amazing work, making our world a safer and better place

Welcome to Serving Our Society: a campaign to properly value the work of public servants.

We know that the work civil and public servants do underpins everything in our society: keeping us safe, protecting us from harm, supporting us all, and enhancing all of our lives.

Wherever you work, you deserve fair pay. Now that the UK government has announced the lifting of the pay pause, this should have represented a genuine step forward. But in reality the government have delivered another real-terms pay cut.

We need to fix broken pay systems and have pay awards that seek to protect living standards and enable all public services workers to progress through their pay ranges.

By working together, we are all stronger. When we come together we amplify our voice in demanding and achieving the fairness and recognition that those like you, our members, and others working in civil and public services, deserve.

Will you help?

It’s time to send out an SOS for those serving our society. Here’s how you can help:

Join us

If you’re not yet a member, join us:¬†every extra member of the union will strengthen our voice.

Talk to your colleagues

If you’re a member, please get out there and talk to your colleagues about why being part of a union is so important right now. Only by building on our collective voice can we really enact change.

Get active in the campaign

If you’re a member, get even more involved in the work we do by becoming a campaign activist! There’s loads you can do to help out. Fill in our quick form and someone from Prospect will be in touch with you.

Share your story

Share your story with us! A short 100-word account of your role and its value to our society, or you could send a short video or picture (a selfie is fine) to [email protected].

Follow us

Follow and support us on Twitter and Instagram and share our content. Join in the conversation on social media by using #ServingOurSociety.

Years of real-terms pay cuts for public services workers 12
How much more high-skilled private sector workers earn, on average 17%

Why we’re campaigning

A strong and vibrant society needs a strong and vibrant public sector. Too often the work you do is taken for granted or not recognised at all. We are here to be your voice. To champion what you do and the contribution our members, and everyone, in the sector make. To highlight the valuable work of the organisations you work for.

We know that our members and everyone working in the civil and public sector are not faceless bureaucrats or ‘bowler hats’ in Whitehall. You are people who make a real difference through what you do:

Whether it’s dealing with climate change; defending our nation; keeping us safe from flooding; keeping us safe in and out of work; protecting our environment and heritage; keeping our transport system running; supporting local communities; working at the cutting edge of science; dealing with the pandemic; supporting our criminal justice system…the list is endless.

MPs have just been awarded a fully consolidated and pensionable pay increase from 1 April. Since 2010 MPs pay has increased by 28%. That’s more than twice the increase seen by civil servants and others covered by the Cabinet Office. MPs’ pay is now determined by an independent review body. If it is good enough for them – it should be good enough for those who serve the government and our society.