What you can do to prevent vibration-related injury at work

Last updated: 03 Mar 2020

Although there are many things employers can do to prevent vibration-related injury at work, there are steps you can take to further reduce the risk of harm:

  • Ask to use suitable low-vibration tools.
  • Always use the right tool for each job.
  • Check tools before using them to make sure they have been properly maintained and repaired to avoid increased vibration caused by faults or general wear.
  • Keep cutting tools sharp so that they remain efficient.
  • Reduce the amount of time you use a tool in one go by doing other jobs in between.
  • Avoid gripping or forcing a tool or workpiece more than you have to.
  • Store tools so that they do not have very cold handles when next used.
  • Encourage good blood circulation by:
    • keeping warm and dry (when necessary wear gloves, a hat, waterproofs and, if available, use heating pads)
    • giving up or cutting down on smoking, which reduces blood flow
    • massaging and exercising your fingers during breaks.

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