Election 2024: Energy

Energy sector Election 2024

Prospect represents a growing membership of more than 22,500 workers across the energy industry. Those workers are on the frontline of maintaining our energy security and we will rely on many of them to decarbonise our energy use.

A secure and decarbonised energy system can and mus deliver good clean energy jobs in all parts of the country. 

The problem

  • The war in Ukraine and the subsequent impact on energy supplies, has underlined what Prospect has long warned, that more emphasis must be placed on energy security and energy system resilience.
  • We are falling behind in the race for future green jobs, while energy workers confront the present reality of understaffing, overwork, and unsafe conditions. 
  • Despite being nuclear pioneers, this sector has faced decades of indecision and stop-start investment, undermining a key net zero industry. 
  • Successive governments have promised waves of green jobs but growth in the renewables sector has been much slower than expected.
Nuclear workers who say staffing is too low 64%
Network staff with work-related stress 34%
Workers doing stand-by hours 46%

What we want to see happen

The clean energy sector must be a cross priority for the next administration. Along with our recommendations in the Net Zero section we want the next government to commit to:

1. Drive up working conditions across the energy industry

By giving everyone a voice at work.

2. Set up a public energy generation company

This will help crowd in investment into the industry.

3. Back Great British Nuclear to deliver a nuclear new-build programme

The most cost-effective way to develop nuclear is to build a fleet of reactors benefitting from economies of scale and crowding in investment across the supply chain. This includes making sure Sizewell C is delivered and building on work to see Wylfa following on soon behind.

4. Establish a just transition fund

To support workers and communities dependent on high carbon industries. This should fund retraining costs and invest in local green industries.

5. Reform planning and permitting

To get clean energy projects off the ground quicker.

6. Scale up domestic supply chains

To support British jobs and industry

7. Protect our national capability in nuclear fuel fabrication

The plant at Springfields in Lancashire is an important centre for nuclear fuels, with an uncertain future. These skills must be maintained and built on.

8. Deliver an energy network upgrade programme

With government, the energy regulator, and network companies working together on anticipatory investment in all parts of the grid.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Parts of the energy sector continue to have considerable problems in making sure they fully represent the societies that they serve. We argue that government should work with the industry to make sure it is fully representative as part of industrial strategy.

*Note: This page reflects current Prospect thinking. Prospect National Conference takes place in early June. Relevant new policy agreed at Conference will be reflected here by the summer.

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