From generation to transmission, Prospect represents the interests of over 22,000 members working across all parts of the energy sector.

Prospect represents the interests of over 22,000 members working across all parts of the energy sector.

Our members are engineers, managers and specialists employed in energy generation, transmission and distribution companies across the UK.

They are engaged in operational and technical management, research and development, the establishment and monitoring of safety standards, both environmentally and in the workplace.

In addition to negotiating on pay and bonus systems, career development and pensions, Prospect leads the union contribution to the energy supply industry’s National Health and Safety Advisory Committee and Powering Improvement. Prospect also has a seat on the nuclear industry’s skills strategy group and EDI Council and works with Renewable UK.

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Prospect policy backs new nuclear build as a vital part of the balanced energy mix needed if the UK is to meet its twin future challenges of low carbon energy and security of supply.

Prospect has members in each of the 19 licensed nuclear sites and associated civil nuclear liabilities in the UK – making it the largest union representing workers in the UK nuclear industry.

The union’s 12,000 nuclear industry members are employed in:

  • power generation
  • defueling
  • decommissioning
  • waste management
  • research and technology
  • reprocessing­
  • fuel manufacturing
  • safety assessment and regulation
  • contractors and the supply chain
  • training organisations
  • government policy.

In addition to campaigning on our members’ behalf for decent pay and careers, and a safe and stable work environment, Prospect also speaks nationally on their behalf on a range of stakeholder bodies such as:

  • the National Skills Academy
  • the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s National Nuclear Development Forum
  • the Office for Nuclear Regulation’s Transition Advisory Committee
  • and Trade Unionists for Safe Nuclear Energy.

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