Aviva survey backs up Prospect calls for a right to disconnect

23 June 2021

Aviva has today published a report looking at the new reality of work post-COVID which shows that people are taking less care of themselves, and also that nine in ten people are checking work emails out-of-hours.

Prospect is urging the government to legislate to allow workers the right to be able to switch off digitally from work.

General Secretary of Prospect Mike Clancy said:

“This research from Aviva is further evidence that the always on culture is a significant and growing problem.

“Employers need to recognise that this is a problem which will ultimately result in lost days, decreased productivity, a demotivated workforce and burnout. Unions are well-placed to work with employers to put in place a right to disconnect policy which will benefit both employees and employers.

“Prospect is campaigning for the government to put a right to disconnect in law so that workers don’t have their health adversely affected by being pressurised into working all the time.”

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