Future of work, technology and data

Campaigning for better work for all in the new normal

Technology, data and the pandemic are transforming work. The growing use of technology and data analytics, along with more remote working, is also transforming the relationship between workers and employers.

Our Future of Work activity looks at how tech, artificial intelligence, data and automation are changing how we are managed and the work we do.

The core of this is about worker voice and ensuring that unions are fully involved in shaping our future:

  • Negotiating for collective data rights at work and effective regulation to protect and safeguard our data.
  • Championing a Right to Disconnect, to tackle the ‘always-on’ culture and blurred boundaries between work and our personal lives.
  • Ensuring limits to surveillance and monitoring software.
  • Making sure skills and training are available.
  • Developing our own data tools and resources.
Remote workers in favour of a Right to Disconnect 66%
Remote workers who say they struggle to switch off from work 32%

Resources and guidance

Right to Disconnect

Prospect has launched a new guide looks at different approaches to the Right to Disconnect and how we can ensure unions are involved in safeguarding workers’ well-being and rights as new technology changes how we work.

Data protection impact assessments

Our new guide to DPIAs provides a worker perspective to help unions ensure that members are involved, consulted and part of any changes in how our data is used at work.

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News and analysis

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Employers’ collection and use of worker data

Our Feb 2020 survey showed that half of workers do not know what data employers are collecting about them.
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