Ayrshire growth deal must address future jobs as Hunterston closes

19 November 2020

Prospect have cautiously welcomed today’s announcement of a Ayrshire growth deal.

Richard Hardy, Prospect’s national secretary for Scotland said:

“This growth deal targets the development of strategic sites and sectors in Ayrshire.

“With the accelerated close down of Hunterston B nuclear power station in 2022, this work is vital to making sure jobs and skills are retained in this part of Scotland.

“The government should commit to provide whatever is necessary to support these workers who have done so much to keep the lights over many decades.

“As well as energy jobs, this area is also a leader in the aviation sector. An area that is in deep crisis because of the restrictions imposed by talking the pandemic.

“We need to see both the UK and Scottish government, local councils, unions and business all working together as partners to unlock these strengths and build a vibrant future economy for Ayrshire.”