Bringing National Grid Electricity Systems Operator into public control would be sensible but must be done properly

6 April 2022

The government, Ofgem and National grid have announced that they are to bring National Grid Electricity Systems Operator (NGESO) into public control.


They will consult on the creation of a new body, the Future Systems Operator, to replace it.

Prospect National Secretary Steve Thomas, responded:

“The government’s plan to create a new public body, the Future Systems Operator, to oversee the transmission of power around the country is welcome but it has to be done properly.

“The transition to net zero will create new challenges for the grid so it is sensible to bring responsibility and accountability for that into public control.

“As the government recognises, we have a breadth of skills and talent in the National Grid Electricity System Operator and the success of the new body will depend on the retention of those expert workers and making the new organisation and attractive and rewarding place for a career. Workers need certainty on exactly what the new ownership model will look like, and on their future prospects.

“The government and National Grid should engage with unions to provide commitments and certainty as soon as possible.

“Prospect has a lot of experience in bodies moving from private to public ownership so stands ready to assist the transition so that it can happen in a smooth and sustainable way for both the employer and employees.”

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