Continuously changing an already inconsistent message on masks will only increase risk

27 October 2021

Parliamentary authorities yesterday issued new guidance mandating all staff to wear masks in parliament – MPs remain exempt.

House of Parliament

The move comes just a week after the rule was relaxed to make mask-wearing a matter of personal choice for all.

Garry Graham, deputy general secretary of Prospect which represents workers in Parliament, said:

“It’s welcome that House authorities are finally catching on to what unions have been saying, that it’s too early to relax. But we’re still left in the ludicrous situation where MPs do as they please on masks while everyone else does the right thing.

“Continuously changing an already inconsistent message is a recipe for non-compliance and increased risk to everyone.

“The public looks to its elected representatives to set an example and they are seldom more visible than on Budget day. MPs should be wearing masks and if they won’t do it by themselves they should be mandated to do so in the same way as staff.”

Public Services

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