Disappointing that AI strategy has virtually nothing on privacy, employment rights or jobs

22 September 2021

The government has today published its new AI Strategy  to try and maximise the benefits of the new technology for the UK.


Missing from the strategy however was virtually any reference to the impact of AI and data use on recruitment practices, rights at work, jobs and so on.

Prospect Research Director Andrew Pakes, said:

“The UK has a huge opportunity to take a lead in developing ethical AI and creating the industries of the future. It is disappointing, however, that there is so little in the new AI Strategy about privacy, employment rights and jobs.

“There is a lot to recommend in this new strategy but levelling-up and innovation must not put investor returns ahead of creating high-skilled, inclusive jobs.

“With the rise in digital surveillance software and the invasive use of AI to micro-manage people we need to ensure ethical really means ethical and involves workers in designing the future. We must not be left in the situation where people’s rights at work are not even an afterthought in the race to embrace new technology.”

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