Energy CfD Auction results a disaster for UK offshore wind

8 September 2023

The government has published the results of its 5th energy CfD auction which guarantees a minimum energy price for new projects.

Turbines off coast of Norfolk, UK.

There were no offshore wind projects allocated with some blame being put on the failure of government to recognise the impact of inflation on costs.

Sue Ferns, Senior Deputy General Secretary of Prospect, responded:

“These results are a disaster for the UK’s offshore wind industry.

“Businesses and workers stand ready to deliver a rapid rollout of renewables but the government’s failure to set sustainable prices is holding the industry back.

“This is the latest sign that the government has given up on bringing down bills, creating clean energy jobs, and meeting its climate targets.

“The Contracts for Difference framework must be urgently reformed if we are to have any hope of decarbonising the energy system and delivering good jobs in the process.”

two energy workers


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