Energy Strategy is big on ambition but we need a concrete plan and funding to back it up

7 April 2022

The government has published its long-awaited Energy Security Strategy with ambitious targets for new nuclear and commitments to clean energy.

The commitment to new nuclear, essential for net zero, in particular will be welcomed by Prospect members in the sector but there is very little detail or a concrete funding package to back up the ambition.

Sue Ferns, Senior Deputy General Secretary of Prospect union, said:

“This energy strategy is big on ambition and if matched with a concrete plan of action and funding from government will go a long way to providing the long-term energy security the UK needs. We are yet to see that concrete plan however and it must not be allowed to slip.

“Direct investment in new nuclear will be hugely welcome – we now need direct government support for Sizewell C, Wylfa and any other projects that can be set in motion. We have talked about this for too long and must commit fully with the cash and legislation to back it up.

“Sadly we heard very little about the nuclear supply chain, which is just as important as a nuclear build programme in powering a secure, net zero future for British energy. The Government must act now to retain key skills and expertise at the UK’s only nuclear fuel manufacturer, Springfields Fuels. We cannot be in a position of relying on foreign imports for UK reactors.

“Increased investment in renewables is also very welcome, providing that there is a requirement for greater UK content that creates and sustains high quality jobs, including in the supply chain.”

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