Government must immediately investigate extending the life of Heysham and Hartlepool power stations

27 June 2022

It has been reported that the government had the chance to extend the life of Hinkley Point B power station but failed to do so.


The revelation came in response to Parliamentary question. Several nuclear power stations are due to come offline in the coming years reducing generating capacity and potentially increasing reliance on expensive gas imports, compounding the  current price crisis.

Prospect senior deputy general secretary Sue Ferns said:

“Dither and delay by the Government on extending the life of Hinkley Point B has left us with less domestic energy output this winter, and more dependent on volatile gas imports – further pushing up prices for consumers.

“With nuclear plants at Heysham and Hartlepool due to close in 2024, the Government must start working with EDF immediately to explore safely extending the plants’ lives to help us meet our energy security and net zero goals.

“One unnecessary closure might be seen as unfortunate, but two or three would be utterly careless. The energy crisis is not going to go away any time soon. The government has to get a grip and come up with a workable plan for the years ahead.”

Climate emergency


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