It’s clear ministers value themselves more than those who work for them

19 July 2022

General Secretary of Prospect Mike Clancy, responding to the government announcement on Senior Civil Servant and other public sector pay, said:

“Ministers are happy to accept the recommendation of a pay review body when it’s MPs’ pay but when it comes to Senior Civil Servants they have slashed the recommendation by a third. It’s clear they value themselves far more than those who work for them.

“Accompanied by the threat to cut one-in-five jobs this flies in the face of the Government’s commitment to reform the civil service by investing in capability and rewarding knowledge, skills and experience.

“The fantastical tax cut proposals from the Tory leadership candidates show this is nothing to do with prudence and everything to do with political opportunism.

“Our civil servants and the country they serve deserve better. After a decade of pay austerity, this is yet again a huge real terms pay cut and a kick in the teeth for staff.”

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