Latest research is further evidence that always-on culture a significant problem 

11 March 2022

Prospect have responded to new polling showing the right to disconnect is supported by a clear majority of workers.

Andrew Pakes, Prospect communications and research director said:

“This latest research from Ipsos is further evidence that our always-on culture has become a significant and growing problem for too many people.

“Digital technology has undoubtedly kept us safe, connected and working during the pandemic, but for many the lines between work and home have become blurred, making it harder to switch-off work and contributing to burnout and poor mental health.

“Prospect has been leading UK calls for a right to disconnect to help ensure flexible working is a success and that we put in place the safeguards to tackle the risks of surveillance technology and work pressures that mean some people simply cannot switch-off from work.

“Employers need to recognise that this is a problem which will ultimately result in lost days, decreased productivity, a demotivated workforce and burnout.”

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