Liz Truss climbs down on regional pay for civil servants but the rest of her headline-seeking attack remains

2 August 2022

After last night saying they could cut pay for civil servants living in the regions the Liz truss campaign has today issued a humiliating u-turn, citing her respect for public sector workers.

Whitehall Street Sign


While the Truss campaign rowed back on pay they still want to press forward with other plans including removing facility time and reducing holiday entitlement.

Prospect General Secretary Mike Clancy said:

“The last 24 hours highlight the worst of British politics at the moment where ministers relentlessly attack hard-working public servants just to chase a headline.

“If Liz Truss believes public sector workers are at the bed rock of society, she needs to call off the attack dogs from her own side and start working with unions and others to give the public the support and services we need.

“The British public are in a fragile place trying to cope with endless waves of rising prices and falling wages. It is time ministers put the national interest before that of their own leadership ambition.”

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