Meet us to discuss pay, Prospect tell new civil service minister

30 September 2021

Prospect have written to Steve Barclay MP, the newly appointed Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, to ask for an early meeting focusing on pay.

The new minister will have oversight of civil service pay and the reform agenda, and the letter from Prospect general secretary Mike Clancy makes clear that Prospect are willing to engage in discussions about reforms where these will benefit members.

For example, Clancy argues that promoting the use of STEM skills in policy-making is something that the union has long advocated and would support were government to follow through on their rhetoric in this area.

However the central argument of Clancy’s letter concerns pay and the damage that the pay freeze has inflicted on civil servants and the the civil service as a whole.

Clancy therefore has requested: “an early meeting to agree the ending of the pay freeze for our members” and to “discuss options for positive reform including the potential for a pay review body covering the wok of our members in the civil service.” 

The full letter can be found here.

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