Parliament restoration must go ahead to protect safety of staff

19 May 2020

It has been announced today in the chamber of the House of Commons that there is to be a review into the planned refurbishment and renewal of the parliamentary estate.


Prospect deputy general secretary Garry Graham, responded:

“Even before this pandemic, staff in Parliament were risking their health just by going into work due to the dire state of a building which becomes more of a death trap with each passing day.

“It would be madness to undo all of the progress of recent years and return to the drawing board, at the cost of millions of pounds and more delays.

“The money spent on a project of this scale will support thousands of jobs both directly on site and indirectly in supply chains right across the country, providing an important boost to the economy as the UK recovers from the crisis.

“MPs must demand that the restoration goes ahead in a way that keeps staff safe, saves the taxpayer money, and preserves this magnificent building for future generations.”