Parliament’s lamentable inability to get its act together on restoration is having real consequences

17 November 2023

It has been reported that parliament is to scale back the restoration and renewal project it had planned in favour of a far less comprehensive plan.

Houses of Parliament

MPs are also said to want to delay any discussion of the plans until next year, on top of the years of delay we have already experienced.

Mike Clancy, General Secretary of Prospect, said:

“Parliament’s lamentable inability to get its act together on the Restoration and Renewal project is having real life consequences in the form of an increasingly unsafe workplace for staff and MPs.

“Prospect and sister unions are engaging with members in parliament to discuss an appropriate response to any option that increases the risks of harm caused by fire, asbestos exposure or any of the myriad other problems affecting the Palace of Westminster.

“We are not going to stand by and allow our workplace, and the heart of our democracy, to become unsafe.”


Public Services

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