Prospect ends national industrial action after winning improved Civil Service pay offer

3 July 2023

Prospect union is ending its coordinated nationwide industrial action, having consulted members and branches on an improved pay offer for civil servants from the UK Government.

Representatives of affected branches chose to accept the government’s new offer, having secured wins on the three main causes of the dispute: a £1,500 lump sum payment for 2022/23, changes to the Civil Service Compensation Scheme, and threatened job cuts.

Each branch will now consider the offer locally with a central recommendation to accept and end the industrial action. This applies in general across all branches affected except where:

  • There are extant business cases for pay flexibility covering 2023/24 and previous years.
  • There are any further issues regarding the implementation of the £1,500 payment in accordance with the published statement, including those entities covered by the Freedom provisions in DCMS.
  • A dispute has arisen or arises due to disagreement regarding the 2023/24 pay remit outcomes.

Mike Clancy, General Secretary of Prospect, said: 

“I want to pay tribute to our members for the determination and fortitude they have shown that has secured this deal.

“This improved offer shows that unions matter and when we work together, we win: on pay, on redundancy terms, and on job cuts.

“We may have won this dispute, but our work to rebuild a Civil Service that properly recognises and rewards the skills and experience of its workforce after a decade of cuts continues.

“Civil servants across the country should join Prospect today to bolster this crucial campaign.”

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