Prospect negotiate Working week reduction for members in NatureScot

24 February 2022

Prospect union has successfully negotiated a reduction in the working week for staff at NatureScot.

Staff at NatureScot have worked a 37 hour week for decades but after intensive negotiation over the past year, the employer has made a pay proposal that maintains pay, terms and conditions but reduces the standard working week to 35 hours for all 700 staff.

In addition to the reduction of the working week that represents a 5.4% reduction in hours, the offer also includes up to a 2%/1% salary increase as part of an interim award , and up to 5.7% for band B members , an increase in home working allowance and extension to an organisation wide no compulsory redundancy agreement.

The pay offer will now go to a ballot of Prospect members with a recommendation to accept.

Ian Perth, Prospect Negotiator, said:

“Prospect are pleased to recommend this pay offer to our members in NatureScot, and it proves once again that reducing the working week can be achieved while maintaining pay and effectiveness.

“Demonstrating that it would be possible to reduce the working week while maintaining productivity and outputs for an organisation like NatureScot was a challenge, but the employer engaged with ourselves and PCS in a positive spirit enabling this conclusion. The settlement offer demonstrates what can be achieved when employers engage positively and creatively with unions to improve work life balance and ultimately ensure that the employer is as effective as possible .

“Prospect members work tirelessly for NatureScot to protect and improve Scotland’s natural heritage , including national nature reserves and special areas of conservation. This deal goes some way to ensuring NatureScot can continue to attract and keep the best staff.”

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