Prospect will oppose any compulsory redundancies in the civil service in the strongest way

9 June 2022

ITV is reporting that the government is not ruling out compulsory redundancies as it plans to cut the civil service workforce by 91,000.

Parliament Street and Whitehall street sign


Documents have been leaked to ITV showing that that some departments could be forced to cut staff numbers by 40% with some government activity being “deprioritised”.

General Secretary of Prospect Union Mike Clancy, responded:

“This arbitrary figure of 91,000 civil service job cuts from the government was always going to be a shambles and will directly impact on the ability of the civil service to carry out its duties.

“Prospect will oppose any compulsory redundancies in the strongest possible way.

“The government has no strategy here, no plan, just an ideological wish to cut numbers. Make no mistake, if we reduce headcount by this then services that the country relies on will end.

“Foreign Secretary Liz Truss’s intervention and plea on behalf of her own department demonstrates the penny dropping with ministers as to how damaging and reckless this approach is. Many other Ministers will be having the same quandary. Is the focus policy delivery or gaining political favour with the PM?

“This reckless and arbitrary approach must be abandoned.”

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