Protecting workers’ health and safety in renewables

31 August 2021

The urgent issue of health and safety in the renewables sector is the subject of a new leaflet published by Prospect this month.

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‘Protecting workers’ health and safety in renewables’ highlights the fact that the massive growth in renewable energy over the years has not always been matched by robust health and safety practices.

As a result, professionals in the sector are being exposed to a higher risk of injury and ill-health compared to other areas of energy generation.

The leaflet reads:

“Working in any job should not compromise your wellbeing, but there is a unique dynamic in renewables because it is growing rapidly as we respond to the climate emergency.

“Estimates suggest we need to create a 400,000-strong skilled energy workforce over the next three decades to deliver net zero.

“To achieve this, the renewables industry must be welcoming and inclusive for all new employees, and ensuring their safety, health and dignity is a key part of this.”

As well as shining a spotlight on this critical issue, the publication also points out the safeguarding measures that could be taken, such as on battling fatigue and stress, the importance of union health and safety reps and the  important role of HESAC, the National Electricity Health and Safety Committee.

The leaflet has been published in two formats. The full booklet version is accompanied by a concise version, which is better suited for sharing and poster display.

Both versions are available to download from the Prospect library.


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