Scrapping unconscious bias training without an alternative is unacceptable

15 December 2020

The government is to scrap the use of unconscious bias training in the civil service .

The training is designed to help prevent people from, for example, unwittingly committing microaggressions against specific minority groups or individuals and to help adjust automatic patterns of thinking.

Prospect deputy general secretary Garry Graham responded:

“There are swathes of hard data, from staff appraisal markings and success in career progression to evidence from staff attitude surveys, which show that our workplaces are not as diverse and inclusive as they should be.

“While there is a debate as to the effectiveness of unconscious bias training, simply scrapping it without setting out alternative ways to combat discrimination in the workplace is not acceptable. The government must demonstrate that it takes these issues seriously and set out the steps it proposes to take.

“Prospect is already supporting employers in a number of sectors to develop strategies for safer, more respectful workplace cultures. We make the same offer to the civil service. Any individual who experiences bias at work should consult their union representative.”



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