Seeking to reduce civil service redundancy terms says it all about this government

15 August 2022

The Government has announced further consultation on the terms of the Civil Service Compensation Scheme.

The announcement comes amidst threats to reduce the headcount of the Civil Service by 91,000.

General Secretary of Prospect trade union Mike Clancy responded: “As the country faces economic and energy crises, that the government should prioritise seeking to reduce civil service redundancy terms says it all. Against the backdrop of the announcement to reduce civil service headcount by one in five, and the repeated refusal of ministers to meet with Prospect and other unions on the issue, we have no confidence that this “consultation” is being carried out in good faith.

“No other employer, public or private, would propose reducing redundancy terms at the same time as savage job loss proposals and do so with the aim of reaching agreement. We will be working with other unions to oppose detrimental changes to the Civil Service Compensation Scheme and exploring every route – including industrial and legal ones.”

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