Tech and Telecoms members stress need for union voice amid job cuts

24 May 2023

At the Tech and Telecoms Conference 2023 members passed an emergency motion unanimously denouncing job cuts across the sector due to ‘technological change’.

attendees at the tech and telecoms conferenceThe motion expressed alarm at the recent announcement of job cuts at Vodafone and BT and highlighted the need for employers in the sector to invest in skills.

Following this an emergency motion that denounced the appalling treatment of Twitter workers and expressed solidarity was passed.

Jessica Smith from Ofcom, Principal for Online Safety, set out earlier in the proceedings the potential implications for the sector for when the Online Safety Bill potentially becomes legislation.

Mary Towers, the Trades Union Congress’ AI at work research lead, then presented TUC research on systems of accountability that can ensure workers have a voice to address technological change and AI in the workplace through their union.

Andrew Pakes, Head of Research at Prospect, highlighted the guidance Prospect provides to members in this area and thanked Mary for helping put the future of work on the union agenda.

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