The establishment of the GDF will deliver much needed quality jobs

4 November 2020

A new working group has been announced for the formation of a new Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) for nuclear fuel in Cumbria.


This is the first step in a project which could see the formation of thousands of skilled jobs in Copeland.

Sue Ferns, senior deputy general secretary of Prospect, said:

“The announcement of a the first working group being formed by Copeland for the GDF is a welcome step forward.

“The establishment of the GDF will deliver much needed quality jobs, skills and investment. As a union we are strongly supportive of its progress.

“The government has said that it is committed to investing in this country’s infrastructure, this project should be an important part of that commitment.

“Nuclear energy is a vital part of meeting our Net Zero commitments in future, with the right backing the UK can be world leaders in both nuclear power and tackling the climate emergency.”

two energy workers


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