Things have improved in dealing with bullying cases in parliament but more sanctions are needed

14 June 2021

The Independent Expert Panel, which investigates cases of bullying involving MPs, has found that Daniel Kawczynski breached rules on bullying and must apologise to the House of Commons for his behaviour.

House of Parliament

Mr Kawczynski had already published in writing but the panel ruled that he must also apologise in the Commons.

Garry Graham, Prospect deputy general secretary, responded:

“Today’s ruling on Daniel Kawczynski shows that progress is being made in the complaints system but it also highlights some areas for improvement.

“The ruling found that the MP made “malicious claims”, behaved in an “intimidatory and threatening” manner, and that this amounted to a “serious breach” of the behaviour code – yet the sanction imposed was simply that he must apologise in the House. It is Prospect’s view that there ought to be a wider range of sanctions available for MPs to reflect when a more serious breach has taken place, but which falls short of triggering recall.

“Leader of the House of Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg should consider whether a system of written warnings could be brought in so that offenders would be at risk of recall should they fail to address their behaviour.”

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