TUC backs nuclear jobs after Prospect emergency motion

15 September 2020

The Trade Union Congress has passed an emergency motion proposed by Prospect calling for urgent action to support jobs in the UK nuclear fuels industry, and pledging support for new nuclear power stations in the UK.

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Prospect brought an emergency motion to TUC Congress raising concerns about the future of the UK nuclear fuels industry and in particular the Springfields Fuels manufacturing site in Lancashire, which is the UK’s only nuclear fuel manufacturer.

Prospect’s motion, seconded by Unite,  warns that the closure of Hunterston power station could be a prelude to the early closure of other nuclear facilities, which would have a devastating impact on the UK’s nuclear fuel supply chain, energy security and indigenous nuclear fuel manufacturing capacity.

The motion adds that the future of Springfields Fuels Ltd, which supports 4,000 skilled jobs in the North West of England, is in jeopardy.

The motion calls on the TUC to:

  1. Lobby government to take immediate steps to establish a tripartite forum, including the recognised unions, to secure the future of Springfields Fuels and the high-quality jobs that it supports.
  2. Press for early publication of an Energy White Paper and support a Westminster Parliamentary debate that commits to support for nuclear as part of a low carbon energy future, including manufacturing capacity and jobs in the supply chain.
  3. Ensure any future UK nuclear power stations source their fuel from UK manufacturers.

Sue Ferns, Prospect’s senior deputy general secretary, said:

“With 4,000 skilled jobs on the line in the North West it is vital we get this right.

“If we are to achieve our net zero targets then nuclear must be part of the low carbon energy mix going forward. That means we need a proper commitment from the government on new nuclear, and a proper commitment from the government on sourcing fuel from the UK.

“Having the weight of the TUC behind this motion shows the importance this industry has to British jobs, skills and energy security.”

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